Solar PV FAQ's

How long do PV panels last?

RGV Engineering installed PV panels have a product warranty of 10 years, expected lifetime of 40 years and performance of 90% for 10 years and 85% for 25 years.

What are the effects of shade?

Shading is critical. Minor shading can result in significant loss of energy because the cell with the lowest illumination determines the operating current of the of the series string in which it is connected.

What happens if there is a power cut?

Our PV systems are entirely connected. If there is a power cut the system is automatically switched off as a safety measure to ensure power does not leak on to the grid in order to protect personnel working to restore the power supply. There will be no power to the building during the power cut.

What happens at night?

PV panels do not produce energy in the dark and so electricity is drawn from the grid in the normal way.

Are there different types of solar systems?

There are two distinct solar systems:

  • Solar thermal – for hot water production
  • Solar PV-for the production of electricity

RGV Engineering offers kits for both types of solar system

How much does it cost?

The total installed cost of a system will depend on the size of the system and ease of installation and it is not possible to give a precise figure without viewing the property in question. However as a general guideline most homeowners install a system of between 2-3kWp at an installed cost of around £4000-£5000(inc VAT) per kWp.

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How much energy will it generate?

There are five main factors that will affect how much energy a PV system will generate:

  • Total size of the PV array
  • Latitude of the location
  • Direction the panels face
  • Angle the panels are mounted
  • Any shading

As an example a south facing roof mounted 1.38kWp system mounted in the Midlands should generate around 1000kWh per year saving around £400-£550 per year depending on your electricity tariff.

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